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Z.E. & E-Tech Electric Owners Club

With the for ever growing Renault brand the Z.E. name was never going to stay we knew one day that the branding would change, Its now come to the end of the Electric Brand Z.E. and Renault have made the brand name change to E-Tech which now covers a lot more at present including Hybrids and Plugin.

RZOC has expanded a few times over the last 6 years from being just the ZOE owners club to the ZOE & Z.E. owners club welcoming every brand of EV Renault offered, But once again we see the change happening and for the club to grow and expand we have to make the move also with Renault extending our name to cover future of the club.

We will be focusing only on the pure Electric side of the new E-Tech brand range so as we move forward and open the doors to the new E-Tech brand we would like to announce the change in the clubs name.

Welcome to the Z.E. & E-Tech Electric Owners Club ("RZOC" Renault Zero Emissions Owners Club)

We are excited to see the future of the club grow even more with many more models coming to market and joining the largest Renault EV Owners Club.

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