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The New R5 EV

The new #R5 fully electric retro #EV is finally here!!

Who is loving the design?

What don't you like?

What do you like?

And are you going to get one?

Let us know in the comments because we think #Renault nailed it.

Will this be the car to bring RZOC back into the EV light.

We Love It

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Given that the price has not been confirmed, in what way is the car "finally here"?

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I don't know which videos you are referring to, so the answer is probably no. But looking at this from another angle - the Renault 5 is not listed on Renault's website as one of its electric cars. So my question stands - in what way is this model "finally here"?


I like a car where you sit high up like the Zoe. I doubt you will in the 5 and you don’t in the Megane. It’s a shame there isn’t an electric Dacia Duster

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We need less tall, heavy SUV’s, not more. They’re completely unnecessary and their heavier weight and worse aerodynamic qualities are ultimately worse for the environment whether EV or petroleum. They’re also worse for pedestrians in impacts.


For me, there’s no way I’d sign up with a deposit to join the queue for a 5 without first having a drive in one and on a more basic level, even seeing how comfortable and ergonomic the driving position is. I didn’t buy a Zoe in the end because the drivers seat is too high and as a tall person the top of the windscreen interferes with my perceived sight line. Other cars have their issues too e.g. a Peugeot e208 is a complete mess with the steering wheel too low and it obscuring the instrument display. If the smaller e-Up can get it right why can’t bigger cars. So, the 5 would have to pass th…

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It depends where your height is focussed. I have a proportionately longer spine.

To add on width, see this forum if interested


The only thing that counts for me is how many km can I drive at minimum 110km/h at -15 C outside and still have a SoC>10% at >85% SoH.

WLTP is a joke in real life.

Heating the cabin during charging from within the car?

Preheat the battery during driving?

Properly preheat of the battery in winter time (set target battery temperature not only cabin temperature).

Properly insulated cabin and battery to maintain heat during winter?

Increased warranty time for all electronics to at least 6 years 200000km whatever come first.

True and working OTA and firmware/software team that have all intention to maintain and improve everything of the car for at least 10 years.

In short improve on all…


Looks nice

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