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Renault 5 will be cheaper than the Zoe

Renault hints at a promise that the new electric 5 will undercut the outgoing Zoe, even in these tricky times.

So at most, the new 5 will cost, £29,994. Renault won’t commit to a figure yet as the car isn’t due to hit production until sometime in 2024.

Renault is confident it can make good on its promise as the 5’s new platform - called CMF-B EV, it’s supposedly 30 percent cheaper to make than the Zoe.

We can all keep our fingers crossed and hope that the New R5 EV will be the next hot hatch.

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1 Comment

Kjell Lindberg
Kjell Lindberg
Apr 23, 2023

Still, I will probably not get another Renault product. I have never seen a company so totally ignoring the quality of the firmware in a product. Literary shitting on people.

The current Zoe COULD have been a great product, it have almost all the hardware. But it have been manhandled with substandard firmware and an app that just do not perform as well as us users should expect.

The hardware is fine except front lower link arm ball joint that it most likely is sharing parts with the 600kg lighter Clio as it wears out very fast.

Whatever fault you find in a Zoe, the comment is always "you are the first one that ever have had this problem". Not…

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