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EVs In The Park 2018

Well 2018 Evs in the park is over but what a event it was, We started evs in the park back in 2015 with just 5-7 car then 2016 seen about 10,

The next step was 2017 which we managed to have events field in the War memorial park Coventry and we seen 33 Electric cars on the day.

This lead us to make 2018 even bigger and push hard and wow have we done a amazing job, on 21st July 2108 we open the gates to the largest gathering of evs in the Uk and we seen at one point 120 EVs in the park, If you was to count the Electric e-bikes, Electric scooters, Balance wheels and more we had over 150+ electric form of transport at the event.

A huge thank you to Electric Zoo for there help in this event and we welcome them onto 2019 where we are planning the next level and to be even bigger again but keeping it in the same idea of just a relaxing day in the park.

Enjoy the video and please thumbs up and like and subscribe. See you all next year..

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