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Renault Zoe End Of An ERA But, Making Room For The New R5?

Confirmed by Fabrice Cambolive, Renault’s Chief Operation Officer spoke about the French automaker’s future product plans. Cambolive revealed that Renault’s fully electric and hybrid models will co-exist in the foreseeable future.

Fabrice also said that “if needed”, the Clio and the Captur will remain part of the Renault lineup until 2035, as hybrid alternatives to the retro-styled R5 and R4 EV equivalents, which are expected to arrive in 2025.

This leaves no room for a Zoe replacement and is the end of an ERA.

As a club, we can stand proud that over the last 10 years since the first release of the Renault Zoe we have been a major part of its success around the world supporting the owners.

What does the future hold for Renault now?

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