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Octopus Energy Helps RZOC Members

Joining Europe's largest free EV owners club for the ZE branded Renault is Octopus Energy, They have joined in the help to keep the club FREE! Helping also with the fact that they are 100% renewable energy means our members can charge their EV's with a bigger smile.

For more info Join Today its FREE!!!

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Oct 24, 2020

And wait a lot longer for the Smart meter they fit to work. I joined Octopus (from Ecotricity) specifically to avail of their overnight EV tariff. My new smart meter was fitted at the beginning of August but has never worked and the email trail runs to about 30 sets of correspondence. Their customer service has been severely lacking. I think they are seriously overstretched. And I don't accept it is a COVID issues - my interactions before that were pretty poor too.


Jun 01, 2019

Octopus Energy's Go tariff has, erm, stopped. Pity, as this allowed very cheap overnight home charging between 12.30 and 4.30. They claim it will be back, but you have to join another Octopus tariff first and register your interest. Then wait . Then wait while the preferred type of smart meter is installed...Meanwhile, enjoy their competitive pricing and 100% renewabl y sourced juice if you select their green tariff.

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