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With so much going on in the last week or so with the latest ZE50 and it being graded NCAP 0 Stars, I wanted to write this to you all. Many people have trusted Renault to make cars that are safe for them and their families but it has become clear recently that Renault at present find it satisfactory to push away such a major safety issue and it seems bury their heads in the sand after removing the high-end airbag from previous generations in the new ZE50 ZOE. I have reflected long and hard on what I could do to help Renault understand that this is a major issue that needs resolving as soon as possible. However, I do not have any real say in Renault’s production and minimal ability to contact them - and even when I have - I have received very little meaningful response. I feel we have to stand firm on this issue to help Renault understand that we, as owners of their cars, are putting our lives at greater risk by driving cars that have significantly less safety; due to the choice of removing the airbag. The NCAP rating even stipulates "driver's head directly impacted the intruding pole and head injury values indicated poor protection of this part of the body". This means if an owner were to crash into a pole or tree the chances of fatality or significantly higher injury are far higher because this airbag has been removed. As of today, I will only be recommending the 22kWh or 40kWh versions of the ZOE to people until Renault rectifies this rather serious safety issue. I cannot, with a clear conscience recommend the ZE50 to people at this time, due to the 0 star NCAP rating and the dangers incurred now the airbag present in the previous editions having been removed. I also have to announce that I will no longer be an owner of a ZOE ZE50. I personally feel I cannot put myself or my family at risk in a car which has fallen so far short of the safety rating I was informed it had before I purchased it. I am conscious that if we were to have an accident, the potential of a major injury or even death is significantly increased due to Renault’s actions - I do not find this acceptable. I will of course, be continuing the support of the club as I always have - you can trust me on that. However, I feel very strongly that Renault needs to understand that they have made some significant mistakes and to take responsibility for them. In the meantime, I will not be putting my or my family’s life at risk. Renault, you need to TAKE ACTION NOW. I implore you to fix this issue for the safety of all ZE50 owners Craig

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