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AC Roll Out Has Started

Gridserve has started to roll out its AC chargers on the new Gridserve Electric Highway.

We have had insight photos of the new chargers which are at Ferrybridge services.

We said it was coming and all we had to do was wait patiently and our wishes would come true.

Thank you Gridserve from all the ZOE Owners around the UK and ZOE Owners coming to the UK who can now start to use a reliable network.

The future for legacy EV driving is going to so much better.

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Disappointed they are not 43kW or tethered. Anyone with a disability will tell you how awkward untethered can be. It’s great we still have AC and I wonder how many electric motorbikes will use AC instead of DC. It is still disappointing that it’s only 22kW at motorway services!


There is still a lot of 43kw chargers ( BP pulse , Geniepoint , Lidl , Swarco , Charge place Scotland ) around and also the 22kW posts at Tesco are free just like the 7kW there.

Mines a Q90 with up to 43 kW charging

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Just there won't be many 43kw chargers right next to the motorway.


Great, but I do wish they were 43kW not 22kW, as it would make a big difference to those who bought cars that can take it!

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I know there aren't that many of them, but it's a shame for the ones that DO exist! As per the post below, 43kw charging is actually pretty comparible to CCS charging speed, but going forwards won't be available at motorway services. I'm pleased Gridserve are on the scene, but I can still not like this downgrade that is happening as part of the huge upgrade.


Unknown member
Aug 19, 2021

Great news!

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