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Welcome to the "Largest dedicated Renault & Dacia EV Owners Club"

Did we mention we are also a FREE! Club

ZOE - Z.E. - Twizy - Fluence - Kangoo - Twingo - Megane E - R5 EV- E-Tech - Dacia Spring EV


We bring you the latest up-to-date information through our club's Network of Social Media sites including Twitter, Facebook & also our main Forum and news pages.


RZOC was started in 2015 just for fun but over the years it has become a major part of supporting owners of the Renault Z.E. brand, we soon realised that the support offered within the club soon became something far more needed than we could ever have imagined.


RZOC is now the largest Electric Vehicle Owners Club for the Renault & Dacia brand, with over 18,000 combined Members and followers around the world.

Being part of the club will not only give you access to a vast database of information but will also allow you to feel like you are part of the bigger EV family.


If you would like to join the club then please register TODAY! for FREE!

Renault ZOE, Z.E. & E-Tech & Dacia EV Owners Club

(RZOC is an "Unincorporated associations nonprofit club")


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